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German Hospital Service is pleased to present a picture book of German Hospitals

In Germany, we have, of course, many different hospitals, over 2000 as it is. They come in very different sizes and architectures. Most have modern buildings, because the german governmet is providing funds f[r building hospitals. (Which, by the way, also makes hospital treatments cheaper as building depreciation is not permitted as part of invoiced costs.) Browse, to get an impression of the different hospitals that are there, offering to treat international patients.

The hospitals we have chosen to present are usually the bigger hospitals with centralized or maximum care responsibilty. Some have already treated patients we had refered to them - others are represented because we would typically chose them for certain medical problems.

German Hospital Service is the highly qualified hospital referal service. Based on over 15 years of experience in hospital management in Germany, it is our aim to give you the best possible assistance when you are looking for hospital treatment in Germany. We know the doctors, the hospitals. the prices. Our expertise is at your service - you only have to request our services.

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A Picturebook